Wir freuen uns sehr, Ihnen einen vielversprechenden Produkt-Zuwachs in unserem „Branded Ingredients-Portfolio“ vorzustellen: LeanBiome®. Der aussagekräftige Name deutet bereits an, dass es sich hierbei um einen Wirkstoff handelt, der sowohl zur Verbesserung der Köperzusammensetzung beiträgt als auch die Beschaffenheit des Mikrobioms im Darm schützt. LeanBiome® ist eine patentierte Kombination aus Fructooligosacchariden (FOS), Glucomannan und Chrom.
We are very pleased to present a promising new product in our “Branded Ingredients Portfolio”: LeanBiome®. The meaningful name already indicates that this is a powerful ingredient that  contributes to the improvement of body composition and while also protecting the nature of the intestinal microbiome. LeanBiome® is a patented combination of fructooligosaccharides (FOS), glucomannan and

Vitafoods Europe 2023

The countdown to Vitafoods Europe 2023 is on! From May 09th to 11th, Geneva will be the ultimate PLACE TO BE for industry experts in the dietary supplements industry. Vitafoods Europe is the ideal opportunity to network with leading industry experts and discover the latest industry trends. If you are interested in our portfolio of innovative and high quality ingredients
Weltweit sind Herz-Kreislauf-Erkrankungen die Todesursache Nummer 1. Umso wichtiger ist es also die kardiovaskuläre Gesundheit zu schützen, dazu tragen ein reduzierter Cholesterinspiegel sowie ein niedriger Blutdruck bei. Genau diese beiden Faktoren werden auch von unserem neuen Produkt LPLDL® positiv beeinflusst. LPLDL® ist ein patentierter Bakterienstamm aus der Lactobacillus plantarum Familie, der aufgrund seiner hohen Wirksamkeit

Meet our partner – BTSA

Please Introduce yourself and BTSA My name is Ana Ugidos, and I am the CEO, Chairman of the Board and co-founder of BTSA, the first European manufacturer of natural antioxidants based on tocopherols.

Meet our partner – Nektium

Please Introduce yourself and Nektium My name is Bruno Berheide and as Commercial & Partnership Director my role involves ensuring a fluent communication between Denk Ingredients and Nektium to provide optimum service to customers.
May is the month of mental health awareness to bring this issue more into the focus.

Vitafoods 2022

Thank you for visiting our booth during Vitafoods Europe 2022!

World Sleep Day

This year, World Sleep Day is celebrated on March 18

International Women’s Day

Happy International Women’s Day ♀!

New in our portfolio

Neue Rohstoffe Februar
Buy one SUMMER SPECIAL ingredient and get a 10% discount on the second*
ESM® is the registered trade name of the inner egg-shell membrane…
Tocotrienol, a super form of vitamin E.
ASTAGILE™ microcapsules is a stable and natural astaxanthin with increased stability and functional benefits… 

COLPROPUR D® by Protein

COLPROPUR D® is a high quality powdered hydrolysed collagen.
BerriQi® is a proprietary patent-pending combination of Boysenberry and….
Maintain a healthy gut microbiome and boost Faecalibacterium prausnitzii by consuming…

Earthlight by PLT

A cost-effective, real vegan, whole food source that won´t affect your taste or texture…

ZINCNOVA™ by Lipofoods

ZINCNOVA™ microcapsules is a non-reactive form of zinc oxide that has been…

BSCU1 by Gnosis by Lesaffre

One of the most stable microorganism for immune support…

ResistAid® by Lonza

The triple action immune support! American historians documented the medical use…

Feiolix® by Anagenix

Diabetes is the world´s third most populous country…

BerriQi® by Anagenix

Poor air quality, associated with increasingly industrialised and urban societies, is…

ACTAZIN® by Anagenix

Everyone has times when they might feel a bit ´backed up´. Travel, changes in diet, stress…

LIVAUX® by Anagenix

Microbiome balance is known to affect body weight and composition, mental health, …

Fi Europe Connect

We are happy to announce our participation at the virtual Fi Europe CONNECT 2020

Information letter on COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic affects people, countries and companies around the world
Even in the current situation we are looking for people to expand our team.

Exploring life to improve living!

Let’s discover how biotransformation processes can lead to a better living!

Vitafoods Virtual Expo

We are pleased to invite you to e-meet us at our virtual booth at #VitafoodsVirtualExpo –

Job Swapping

According to our corporate core value GO BEYOND, our managers Jasmin Olbromski (Director of Procurement & Quality) and Michael Hempel (Director of Sales)
Denk Ingredients is happy to announce the portfolio expansion of our Spain-based partner Nektium.
Premiere for Denk Ingredients on April 1st: For the very first time, the onboarding for new employees was held via video conference.
The current situation requires the implementation of creative solutions within the recruiting and application process.. After the initial telephone interview, we usually conduct a personal interview in our headquarter.These personal interviews are now replaced by video appointments. In these appointments, the applicants have the opportunity to virtually meet the recruiting team and the department. This

Together we are strong!

The COVID-19 pandemic affects people, countries and companies around the world and presents all of us with a variety of challenges. Health and food are basic human needs and are therefore of outmost importance in the coming weeks and  months. As your partner for ACCESS TO HEALTH INGREDIENTS we will continue to do our best