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A pioneer in the active ingredients market with a history of 20 years, Massó's GPE (Green Plants Extracts) develops and sells original, innovative and safe ingredients to support emotional and cognitive well-being.

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GPE by Massó produces active ingredients from plant extracts used to support well-being, stress management, concentration and memory and sleep.


Barcelona, Spain

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Saffr’Activ® is a saffron extract entirely made in France and patent pending.


  • Saffron extract is standardized to at least 2% safranal by UV and 3% crocine by HPLC.
  • Studies show improvement in sleep quality*
  • A natural solution for emotional balance and cognitive well-being
  • Natural and gentle extraction that preserves all the active ingredients in the red stigma of the saffron crocus (Crocus sativus)

*Pachikian, B. D., Copine, S., Suchareau, M., & Deldicque, L. (2021). Effects of Saffron Extract on Sleep Quality: A Randomized Double-Blind Controlled Clinical Trial. Nutrients, 13(5), 1473.

Probiostress® Zen

Probiostess® Zen is a new combination of high-quality saffron extract and two probiotic strains.


  • Study-based probiotic combination of Lactobacillus reuteri & Bifidobacterium breve*.
  • A synergistic ingredient that acts on the gut-brain axis

* Nobile, V., & Puoci, F. (2023). Effect of a Multi-Strain Probiotic Supplementation to Manage Stress during the COVID-19 Pandemic: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Cross-Over Clinical Trial. Neuropsychobiology, 82(2), 61–71


Bean'ergy® is a newly formulated microencapsulated natural caffeine with hydrocolloids for sustained release.


  • Natural caffeine
  • Microencapsulated
  • Standardized to up to 90% caffeine
  • Neutral taste


Scutell'up® is a purely natural ingredient, from Baikal hellebore (Scutellaria baicalensis).


  • An extract of Baikal hellebore (Scutellaria baicalensis) rich in flavones.
  • Active ingredients: total flavonoids >75 % and baicalin >70 %
  • May impact emotional balance


Cran'Bey® is a cranberry extract suitable for dietary supplements.


  • Vaccinium macrocarpon, cranberry extract
  • Standardized to 25-50 % proanthocyanidins
  • Possible support of the urinary tract


Centellory® is a certified ingredient from Gotu Kola for cognition.


  • Centella asiatica extract
  • Standardized to 20% triterpenoids and 10% polyphenolic substances
  • Suitable for dietary supplements and liquid formulations

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