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With access to more than 1000 health ingredients we offer customized solutions for almost every need.
For us at Denk Ingredients, the quality of our offered products is a matter of course.

Plant extracts

Plants contain valuable substances such as vitamins, minerals, trace elements and flavonoid. Therefore, plant extracts are active ingredients extracted from plants through the treatment with a solvent such as alcohol, oil or water. The most valuable asset of plant extracts is their high effectiveness due to high concentration of advantageous properties. The gained extracts are generally applied in the food and beverage, dietary supplements and cosmetics industry.


The necessity of vitamins in daily food, supplements and pharmaceuticals is well known. Vitamins are essential micronutrients to the human body supporting the function of healthy metabolism. The vitally important vitamins achieve a beneficial effect on energy metabolism, bone and ocular health, cell production, immune system, blood coagulation as well as skin appearances.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Active pharmaceutical ingredients are chemicals dedicated to preventing, improving and treating illnesses. All over the world, access to pharmaceuticals is associated with health and well-being. Overall, there are several different numbers and forms of pharmaceutical ingredients addressing specific symptoms. Further, different pharmaceuticals contain a combination of varied active substances.


Specialty products offer unique features and functions tailored to the specific requirements of our customers and the current market needs. These speciality products include chemical substances which supply a wide diversity of positive consequences on many different industries. Most of our specialities are new and innovative products offering the possibility for special applications.


Proteins are an essential part of human nutrition as they are supplying relevant amino acids as well as efficient energy. Generally, proteins are obligatory elements for the structure, control and activity of body tissues, cells and organs. Proteins play a key part in the establishment of muscles, bones, skin, blood and cartilage. Further, proteins are present in every cell of the human body and are especially vital for the proper growth and progression especially during pregnancy, childhood and adolescence.


Probiotics are living microorganisms which beneficially influence the body by enhancing microbial balance. Only microorganisms with the ability to withstand the digestive conditions whilst passing through the stomach can be described as probiotics. Taken in adequate amounts probiotic bacteria provide a strong health benefit and maintain the balance of probiotic and pathogenic microorganisms.


Sweeteners are various organic and synthetic substances providing sweet flavor into food and beverages. Further on, sugars and sweeteners are applied to process food regarding fermentation and preservation, manufacture baked goods as well as food browning. Over the last years, the consumer awareness with regard to sugar and sweeteners has changed drastically.

Amino acids

Amino acids form an important component in the human metabolism since they are responsible for the construction of proteins and the synthesis of hormones and neurotransmitters. Predominantly, amino acids are assisting the human body with regard to muscular and liver health, fat oxidation, skin health and mental fatigue.


Minerals are an essential basis of our body health and its development as well as its function. Mostly, minerals are responsible for the strengthening of bones and teethes, aid human metabolism and control the water balance of the body.


Flavors are substances influencing the taste and smell of products in order to enhance and preserve original taste. Flavors take on different states of aggregation such as liquid, powder, emulsion and extracted forms. Our flavors achieve the best results with regard to superior functionality, taste and smell through proper research and quality control.

Health ingredients