Access to quality

Denk Ingredients provides products and services of the highest quality and greatest value.

Our promise to quality

At Denk Ingredients, quality management is a continual process where the customer is at all times the focus of our actions. We are aiming to fulfill all customer expectations and continually improve to supply ingredients and services of the highest quality.

We provide value to our customers through our Quality Management System (QMS) methods.

At each step in our supply chain we conduct internal and external quality management measures to secure the highest quality of our nutritional ingredients. In order to achieve this we are ensuring the quality of the purchased products through approved manufacturers with appropriate and regular verifications, assessments and audits.

Our office in Qingdao as well as our global supplier network enable us to offer the highest quality and attractive pricing for our customers.

Approved manufacturers

The factories have to complete a verification process, e.g. material samples are audited before approval.

Audits on a regular basis

To meet our high quality standards our manufactures are selectively examined through audits.

Risk-based approach

We control our health ingredients regularly on specified parameters in accredited laboratories.

Quality Management Process

Our approach to sustainable sourcing and operations

1. Approved manufacturers

2. Audits on a regular basis

3. Risk-based approach

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