Access to quality

Committed to superior quality

Our promise to quality

Our focus on quality is a fundamental element of our company and guides our daily decision making. Our top priority is to ensure the highest quality of health ingredients and to meet and exceed all customer needs.

We provide value to our customers through our Quality Management System (QMS) methods.

We conduct internal and external quality management measures at each step of our supply chain to consistently secure the highest quality of our nutritional ingredients. In order to achieve this we are ensuring the quality of the purchased products through approved manufacturers with appropriate and regular verifications, assessments and audits.

Approved manufacturers

Precise verification process of manufacturers consisting of document review, specification check, sample inspection and classification rating system.

Regular audits

Internal and external auditing (on-site and remote) to guarantee quality assurance.

Risk-based approach

Testing health ingredients with a risk-based approach and upon customer request

Quality Management Process

Our approach to sustainable sourcing and operations

1. Approved manufacturers

2. Audits on a regular basis

3. Risk-based approach

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