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Amino Acids

Amino acids are critical to life, and have many functions in metabolism. Because of their biological significance, amino acids are important to serve as the building blocks of proteins, which are linear chains of amino acids. Amino acids are used for a variety of applications in industry nutrition and are commonly used in nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals and food technology. Denk Ingredients provides a broad spectrum of amino acids with highest quality and fast delivery services.

Fatty Acids

While cutting fats from the diet in order to lose weight was thought to be good, today it’s known that it’s important to keep the good fats. No type of fat has been more focused on than the so called essential fatty acids, the Omega-3 fatty acids, due to its positive influence on mental and physical health. Our portfolio includes a variety of Omega-3 fatty acids from various source (plants, alga and fish) and in different applications.


Minerals are essential to the human body. A balanced diet is part of the daily challenge in maintaining a healthy diet. Our product range offers everything you need to keep the right balance of minerals the body requires.

Plant Extracts

For many years plant extracts have played a major role in the product range of Denk Ingredients GmbH. We’re focused on innovative production processes as well as on high quality products. Our extracts can be used for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic applications.


Proteins are an essential part of human nutrition. They are an important supplier of amino acids as well as an energy source. On basis of many different types of intolerances people have to deal with, we offer various types of proteins that meet all types of requirements.


The sweeteners coming out of nature of Denk Ingredients GmbH are designed to respond to the market’s growing demand for natural and healthy products. In cooperation with our renowned partners we offer Stevia extracts, Neohesperidin Dihydrochalcone and Fructose obtained from grapes.


The necessity of vitamins in daily food, supplements and pharmaceuticals is well known. Denk Ingredients can offer the whole range of vitamins from direct sources all over the world. Our focus is on high quality, short-term delivery times, flexibility in packing sizes and on natural origin if available.


We offer you a multitude of natural, nature-identical and synthetic flavors. In order to fulfill individual requirements, we can deliver customized product solutions in any desired quantity and area.


The origin of the word probiotic lies in the Hellenic word pro bios which means “for life“. Probiotics are living microorganisms; such as the lactic acid bacterium Lactobacillus casei. Only microorganisms with the ability to withstand the digestive conditions whilst passing through the stomach can be described as probiotics. Taken in adequate amounts probiotic bacteria provide a strong health benefit and maintain the balance of probiotic and pathogenic microorganisms.


Various other products not categorized.