Polaris, France

Polaris Since September 2016 Denk Ingredients is glad to welcome the company Polaris from Brittany as their new partner. Polaris is the leading international expert in the field of nutritional lipids. They are specialized in the manufacturing, development and formulation of polyunsaturated fatty acids and particularly Omega-3 from marine and microalgae origins. Their range of nutritional oils named “Omegavie® Qualitysilver®” offers many Omega-3 EPA & DHA grades essentially for nutraceutical and food markets.

The high quality of Omegavie® Qualitysilver® oils is guaranteed by the controlled origin of the raw materials, by respecting the marine resources, their exclusive purification process and their state-of-the-art technologies in purification and concentration. Omegavie® oils are particularly highly stable thanks to their unique and exceptional “Qualitysilver®” technology. This technology protects the oils rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids against oxidation while increases their stability significantly.

Additionally, Polaris is committed to sustainability and the responsible sourcing of the raw materials and thus has been certified “Friend of the Sea®”.

The following Omegavie® Qualitysilver® marine oils – standardized on EPA/DHA – are available:

  • Natural oils, 100 % triglycerides
  • Concentrated oils (TG or EE)
  • Ultra-concentrated oils (TG or EE)
  • New: Omegavie® DHA Algae oil, 100 % vegetarian

Polaris offers Omegavie® Qualitysilver® oils in bulks and also has a range of standard capsules.