PiLeJe Industrie (3i Nature), France


Since autumn 2016, Denk Ingredients GmbH is proud to work with PiLeJe Industrie (3i Nature) as a new partner from France. As industrial experts and specialists in botanicals for 30 years, they can develop, manufacture and package the products in dry and liquid form for nutraceutical and pharmaceutical markets both in Europe and worldwide. PiLeJe Industrie (3i Nature) proves that it is possible to combine passionate knowledge of botanical properties with the ability to innovate and perform as a business in a harmonious way. Among other things, they dispense on the addition of carriers or solvents.

3i nature is your partner for designing and producing your health products.

The following is an excerpt from the product range:

  • Plant extract in liquid form (ifluid®)
    • e.g. Nettle, cassis, ginkgo, ginseng, rosemary, thyme, grape leaves and many more
  • Plant extract in powder form (ipowder®)
    • e.g. Artichoke, valerian, echinacea, hops, mate, melissa, passion flower and many more
  • CinnaGlyc®: Mixture of cinnamon and yeast extract and chromium chloride with the possibility of a health claim.
  • Hypro-ri®: A rice protein hydrolysate, which can improve the absorption and bioavailability in combination with minerals. Health claim possible.