Lipofoods, Spain

LipofoodsLipofoods is a Spanish company specialized in the development and manufacturing of microencapsulated health ingredients.

Lipofoods ingredients are successfully used by leading manufacturers worldwide in food, infant food, beverage and food supplement applications. The products provide scientifically proven enrichment with strong Health Claims and outstanding technical benefits. This unique combination will enable manufacturers of foodstuffs to produce nutritional products that meet ever-increasing Health Claim requirements, whilst simultaneously fulfilling the expectations of customer.

Lipofoods is working together with fine chemistry and pharma background from the Lipotec group. They have powerful analytical capacities and profound knowledge in microencapsulation and liposomes technology. Animal and clinical studies and the customized development of food application are going to round of the profile from Lipofoods.

Denk Ingredients and Lipofoods are having a very close collaboration since 2007.