Eevia, Finnland

ProbelteSince the early 2016 Denk Ingredients GmbH welcomes the Finnish manufacturer Eevia Arctic Health as its new partner. Eevia produces high-quality plant extracts as well as fruit and juice powder, which are made exclusively from local raw materials. The intact Nordic nature provides a wealth of powerful bioactive ingredients. The shortest path from the forest to Eevia’s factory ensures maximum preservation of flora and fauna. Eevia’s Know-How will help to obtain all bioactive ingredients and transfer them into the final product. The plant extracts are standardized to different (active) ingredients and among other things they strengthen the immune system, the cardiovascular system, metabolism and much more.

An excerpt from the product range:

  • FENO-CHAGA™, Mushroom Extract with Beta-Glucan
  • FENO-MYRTILLUS™, Blueberry Extract with Anthocyanins
  • FENOPROLIC™, Pine Bark Extract with OPC content
  • FENO-VITIS™, Cranberry Extract with Proanthocyanidins

In addition, the above-mentioned berries are also available in various powder form.