BTSA, Spain

BTSABTSA, Biotecnologias Aplicadas S.L., is represented by Denk Ingredients GmbH in the German speaking countries since more than 8 years. BTSA, Biotecnologias Aplicadas S.L., is a privately owned company established in 1994.

BTSA, Biotecnologias Aplicadas S.L., is a European manufacturer of natural Vitamin E and natural Antioxidants for the Food, Nutraceutical, Cosmetic, Feed and Pharmaceutical industry.

As from 2003 BTSA, Biotecnologias Aplicadas S.L., has added new business lines to its main activity taking advantage of its market knowledge, like the commercialization of different raw materials and special formulations. BTSA supplies a whole range of first quality products.

BTSA has more than 16 years experience in stabilizing all different kinds of oils and fats. This experience makes them a perfect partner to enrich and protect your products or to supply the market with a highly stabilized Omega 3 product.

A new plant and R&D center has been placed in a Technological Park North-East of Madrid, by the end of 2010.BTSA´s major concern is to ensure the satisfaction of the customer. The plant produces according to the newest standard of ISO9001-2000 and ISO14001 and has an IP certificated Non GMO policy and a GMP capability for natural Vitamin E products.