Protein, Spain

ProteïnProteïn is an industrial company which specialises in the production of natural high quality edible ingredients and supplements, and European leader in the manufacture of hydrolysed collagen protein.

Proteïn is also an innovative, creative and dynamic company with nearly 40 years on the market and a clear international vocation.

The main principles are:

  • A highly qualified team,
  • A strong R&D Department, made up of researchers and engineers,
  • A production plant furnished with the latest technological advances,
  • The finest, traceable and food- grade raw materials,
  • Strict quality controls,
  • Great respect for the environment.




Is a hydrolysed collagen in powder form, a functional food ingredient intended for the food and dietetic supplement industries who wish to incorporate the health properties provided by this protein nutrient to their products. Also, being a food ingredient classified as free of “E-Number” (Food additive) is ideal to produce “Clean Label” products.
COLPROPUR D is obtained from food-grade and traceable raw materials of animal origin (porcine bone and joint tissues or bovine hydes). These raw materials have never left the food chain nor the cold chain, and have always been carefully handled as fresh food products.

In contrast to other collagens in the market, COLPROPUR D is obtained by our own innovative process during which only natural procedures are carried out (not chemical, but only physical and enzymatic) and whose safety has been specifically approved by the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) (EFSA-Q-2004-085).

COLPROPUR D is the ideal ingredient for the development and production of dietary supplements and functional foods, not only for its natural origin and production process, but also for its special features:

  1. Proved health properties. Right now, many rigorous scientific studies confirm that a daily intake of 10 grams of collagen protein helps to nourish, regenerate and protect our collagen-rich tissues. Therefore, COLPROPUR D contributes to maintaining joints, muscles and skin. It is also a nutritional help for the prevention and treatment of related diseases (osteoarthritis and osteoporosis…), as well as an aid to delay skin aging.
  2. High protein content (more than 90%).
  3. Neutral taste.
  4. Totally dissolves in water and aqueous solutions.
  5. Low viscosity of the solution.
  6. It does not modify the organoleptical characteristics of food stuffs or the mixtures to which it is incorporated.
COLPROPUR D branch includes a range of high quality hydrolysed collagens, manufactured by Protein S.A. and destined for the most demanding application: the health market. This range is made up of the following products and qualities:

  • COLPROPUR D : The basic version.
  • COLPROPUR D PLUS: More refined than COLPROPUR D, with a more neutral taste.
  • COLPROPUR D PREMIUM: The most neutral and refined product in the range, with slightly higher protein content.
  • COLPROPUR D PREMIUM QUICK: This is the granulated presentation of COLPROPUR D PREMIUM, very quickly dispersible in liquids.
  • COLPROPUR D BOVINE: hydrolyzed collagen from the Colpropur D range from bovine origin.


Organic tricalcium phosphate (hydroxyapatite) in powder form, derived from food-grade and traceable animal bones. It is a functional food ingredient intended for food and supplement manufacturers who wish to incorporate the health properties provided by this nutrient into their products.

Thanks to its natural origin, by oral ingestion, the human body can easily absorb the calcium and phosphate contained in this product. As a result, Fosnatur becomes a bone tissue nutrient indicated to reduce bone density loss in elders, helping to fight osteopenia and osteoporosis. It can also help during stages of growth in young people.